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Monthly Archives: October, 2022

eurusd analysis on dated 27-10-2022

Forex trading is a strategy based on the assumption that a currency will appreciate in value over time. So, when you see an opportunity to buy or sell the local currency at a higher price in the future, you...

xauusd analysis on dated 20-10-2022

This suggests we may see a short term pullback into the consolidation lows or into the higher time frame lows of $1639.00 and resistance. A bearish rejection at these levels could invite the current sellers an opportunity to add...

Xauusd technical analysis on dated 07-10-2022

  In the markets, gold is traditionally seen as a safe haven asset. This is because it doesn’t experience the same volatility as other assets, and it has been a reliable store of value over the years.   When analyzing gold using technical...

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