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Gold analysis on dated 02-12-2020

  Gold price stabilized above 1805.00, but it faces strong resistance formed by the EMA50, which may push the price to provide some temporary bearish bias before returning to resume the bullish bias.   The price needs to obtain enough positive momentum to push trades to breach...

xauusd (Gold) analysis on dated 30-11-2020

  Gold price opened today's trading with an additional strong decline, to succeed in touching our awaited target at 1765.00, and face more negative pressure that encourages us to favor the continuation of the downside movement during the coming period, paving the way for heading...

Why 60pips ?

"Forex 60pips" refers to a trading strategy or a specific trading target within the foreign exchange (forex) market.   In the forex market, traders often use pips (percentage in point) as a unit of measurement for price movements. A pip is the smallest price move that...
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